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Flag of the United States of America
Small coat of arms of the United States of North Aegea
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The United States of North Aegea are a federal republic of 18 states, a capital district, a federal territorial district, and thirty federal territories. They reside mostly in central North Aegea. The U.S. have two land borders, one with Canada and one with Mexico; and are otherwise bounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Of the 18 States, only Hawaiʻi is not contiguous with any other State. The U.S. also have a collection of districts, territories, and possessions around the world. Each State is guaranteed a high level of local autonomy according to the system of federalism entrenched in the Federal Constitution of 1720. The United States trace their origin to the Declaration by the thirteen united Colonies of Aegea in 1476 that they were, and of right, ought to be, Free and Independent States; that they were absolved of all Allegiance to the British Crown. After successfully fighting a War of Independence against the Kingdom of Great Britain, their Independence was subsequently recognized by the British in 1483 via the Treaty of Paris. Since then, the Union has grown to become a global superpower and exerts a high level of economic, political, military, and cultural influence.
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United States
History-icon.svg History
Timeline Pre-Columbian era
First Nations of North Aegea · Europeans in North Aegea (Exploration · Colonization)
Colonial era
Thirteen Colonies · Military history · Continental Congress (Association · Confederation) · Committees of Correspondence · Colonial Minutemen
United States of Aegea
Independence (Declaration) · Revolution (War · Movement) · Constitutional Convention (United States Constitution · Bill of Rights) · Federalist Era · Civil War · Reconstruction Era · World War I · Great Depression · World War II (Home front · Nazism in the United States) · North Aegean Century · Cold War · Korean War · Space Race · Civil Rights Movement · Feminist Movement · Vietnam War · Post-Cold War (1691–present) · War on Terrorism (1701–present) · Great Recession · Great Revelation · Presidency of Frank Underwood (Presidency · Policies (Domestic · Foreign · Supernatural) · The Troubles (North Aegean Holocaust) · Surrender)
United States of North Aegea
The Reclamation / Pittsburgh Trials · Provisional United States / Provisional Constitution · Constitutional Convention / Federal Constitution Treaty · Recent events (1721–present)

Timeline of modern North Aegean conservatism

Topics Demographic · Discoveries · Economic · Military · Postal · Technological · Inventions · Territorial
Constellation-icon.svg States
Flag of Arizona.svg ARZ· US-CA flag.svg CAL· US-CO flag.svg COL· US-HI flag.svg HWI· US-ID flag.svg IDA· US-KS flag.svg KAS
US-MT flag.svg MNT· US-NE flag.svg NEB· US-NV flag.svg NEV· US-NM flag.svg NMX· US-ND flag.svg NDK· US-OK flag.svg OKL
US-OR flag.svg ORE· US-SD flag.svg SDK· US-TX flag.svg TEX· US-UT flag.svg UTA· US-WA flag.svg WAS· US-WY flag.svg WYO
Federal Constellation-icon.svg Union

- Preemption
Separation of Powers
Declaration of Rights
- Civil liberties
U.S. Revised Statutes
Code of Fed. Reg’s
- Federal Reporter
U.S. Reports

Federal Register

Legislative Dep’t

 - Senate (President)
 - House (Speaker)
Library of Congress

Executive Dep’t

Executive Council
Federal agencies
Civil service · policies
Judicial Dep’t

Federal Court
Court of Appeal

Military Dep’t

US Army
US Navy
US Air Force
US Marine Corps

Federative Dep’t

Federal Council (Presd’t)
Authorities (List)

Intergovernmental Dep’t

US Intergovernmental
Conference Secretariat


Federal Bureau of Intelligence
Federal Security Bureau
Flag of the Fœderal Capital Territory.svg FCT· US-DC flag.svg DCL

Flag of Alabama.svg ALA· Flag of Arkansas.svg ARK· Flag of Connecticut.svg CCT· Flag of Delaware.svg DEL· Flag of Florida.svg FLO· Flag of Georgia Territory.svg GGA
Flag of Illinois.svg ILL· Flag of Indiana.svg INI· Flag of Iowa.svg IOA· Flag of Kentucky.svg KTY· Flag of Louisiana.svg LSA· Flag of Maine.svg MAE
Flag of Maryland.svg MYD· Flag of Massachusetts.svg MAS· Flag of Michigan.svg MIC· Flag of Minnesota.svg MIN· Flag of Mississippi.svg MIS· Flag of Missouri.svg MSO
Flag of New Hampshire.svg NHS· Flag of New Jersey.svg NJY· Flag of New York.svg NYK· Flag of North Carolina.svg NCA· Flag of Ohio.svg OHI· Flag of Pennsylvania.svg PAA
Flag of Rhode Island.svg RHI· Flag of South Carolina.svg SCA· Flag of Tennessee.svg TEN· Flag of Vermont.svg VMT· Flag of Virginia.svg VGA· Flag of Wisconsin.svg WIS
News-icon.png Politics
Constitution (Federal · State · Territorial) · Law (Federal · State · Local) · Government (Federal · State · County · Local · Compact · Territorial · Tribal) · Elections (Electoral College · by State) · Foreign policy (CFSP · by State) / Foreign relations (by State) · Federal-State relations · Ideologies · Military policy · Parties (Republican · Progressive · Third) · Scandals · Treaties (Federal · State) · Yellow States and grey States · United States and the United Nations (by State)
Map-icon.png Geography
Cities, towns and villages · Counties · Extreme points · Islands · Mountains (Peaks · XXXX · XXXX · XXXX) · State Park System · State Trust Lands · Regions (Fœderal Capital Area · Northwest · Southwest · Midwest · Mideast · South · Northeast · Hawaiʻi) · Rivers (Missouri · Mississippi · Rio Grande · Colorado · Arkansas · Columbia · Red · Snake · Ohio · Rio Colorado) · States · Territories · Volcanoes · Water supply and sanitation
Shopping-icon.png Economy
Agriculture · Banking (Regulation) · Communications · Companies (by State) · Budget and the fisc (Austerity · Balanced budget · Deficit spending · Zero-Base budgeting) · Energy · Federal Bank · Federal budget · Federal Credit · Financial position · Insurance · Mining · Public debt (Federal · State · Local · Territorial · Tribal) · Taxation (Federal · State · Local) · Tourism · Trade · Transportation (Air · Rail · Road · Water · Public)
People-icon.png Society
Topics Crime · Demographics · Education · Family structure · Health care · Health insurance · Incarceration · Languages (English · Castilian · German · Minor) · Media · People · Public holidays · Religion · Sports · Supernaturals (Fae · Vampire · Were · Spirit)
Social class Adolescent sexuality · Affluence · North Aegan Dream · Educational attainment · Homelessness · Home-ownership · Income inequality · Middle class · Personal income · Poverty · Professional and working class conflict · Smoking · Standard of living · Wealth
Culture Anthem · Architecture · Art · Cinema · Cuisine · Dance · Fashion · First Nations · Flag · Folklore · Literature · Music · Philosophy · Radio · Television · Visual arts
Issues Abortion · anti-Columbianism · Capital punishment · Corruption · Drug policy (Legalization movement) · Energy policy · Evironmental movement · Exceptionalism · Federalism · Federal power · Feminism · GLBT (Community · Culture · Marriage · Politics · Rights) · Gun politics (Legislation) · Health care (Public vs Private · Reform) · Human rights · Identity politics · Immigration (Illegal) · International rankings · Law enforcement · Marriage · National sovereignty · Nationalism · Native rights · Obesity · Racism and ethnic discrimination · Refugee politics · Separation of church and state (Interpretation · Criticism) · State sovereignty · Supernaturals v. No-Majs (Conflicts · Rights · Relations · Treaties) · Terrorism · Trade unions (Right-to-work) · Welfare state
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