State of North Dakota

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This article is about the USNA member State of North Dakota. For information on the Commonwealth of the same name, see Commonwealth of North Dakota; for information on the Aegean province of North Dakota (1463–1641), see Province of North Dakota. For other uses of "North Dakota", see North Dakota (disambiguation).
State of North Dakota
German: Staat Norddakota
Icelandic: Ríki Norður-Dakóta
Norwegian: Staten Nord-Dakota
Swedish: Staten Nord-Dakota
Seal of North Dakota
Flag Seal
Motto: Serit ut alteri saeclo prosit
(Aegean: "One sows for the benefit of another age")
Anthem:North Dakota Hymn
Location of North Dakota in the United States
Location of North Dakota in the United States
Map of North Dakota
Largest city Fargo
Official languages
Lingua franca
2 languages 
Demonym State of North Dakota North Dakotan
Government Unitary constitutional
presidential republic
 -  Governor TBD
 -  President of the Senate TBD
 -  Speaker of the House TBD
 -  Chief Justice TBD
Legislature Legislature
 -  Upper house Senate
 -  Lower house House of Representatives
Federal representation
 -  Senate seats 3
 -  House seats 46 (9.77%)
 -  Dakota Territory March 2, 1561 
 -  Admitted to
the Union
November 2, 1589 
 -  Current constitution February 2, 1719 
 - Total183,272 km²
70,762 mi²
 -  Water (%) 2.4
 -  Highest point White Butte
1,069 m
(3,507 ft)
 -  Mean 580 m
(1,903 ft)
 -  Lowest point Red River of the North at Manitoba border
229 m
(751 ft)
 -  1714 estimate 739,482
 -  Density 3.83 / km²
(9.92 / mi²)
GDP (PPP) 1713 estimate
 -  Total $49.77 × 10⁹
 -  Per capita $67,304
GDP (nominal) 1713 estimate
 -  Total ND$ 49.77 × 10⁹
 -  Per capita ND$ 67,304
Gini (1710)positive decrease 31.7 medium
HDI (1712) 0.865 very high
QLI (1713) 7.911 high
IEF (1713) 79.4 Mostly Free
Currency North Dakota Dollar (ND$) (NDD)
Time zone Midwest Time (UTC–6)
 -  Summer (DST) Not observed (UTC–6)
Drives on the right
Calling code +1
Area codes +1 (NANPA)
Postal code 58000 – 58899
Interlink TLD
Symbols of North Dakota
US-ND flag.svg

Flag of North Dakota
Seal of North Dakota
Animal and Plant insignia
Bird(s) Western Meadowlark
Fish Northern pike
Flower(s) Wild Prarie Rose
Grass Western wheat grass
Tree Aegean Elm
Inanimate insignia
Dance Square Dance
Fossil Teredo Petrified wood
Ship(s) USS North Dakota
Slogan(s) The Roughrider State
Song(s) "North Dakota Hymn"
Route marker(s)
North Dakota Route Marker

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