Flag of Vale

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Flag of Vale
Flag of Vale.png
Name: Croisé
Use: National flag and civil ensign
Proportions: 2:3
Adopted: Versions in use since at least c. 800; official design for civil ensign adopted 1248 (slightly greater length tolerated since 1493); private use on land sanctioned 1454.
Design: A blue-fimbriated green Nordic cross on a white field

The flag of Vale is an offset cross, which represents Christianity, and the design was subsequently adopted by the other Nordic countries; the Baltic Commonwealth, Iceland, as well as the Scottish archipelagos of Shetland and Orkney. The flag is called Croisé, which means "the crossed" or "the Knight of the Cross".

Description and symbolism[edit]

The design of the flag incorporates a green Nordic cross, which is offset to the left. The green cross is fimbrated azure and is set on a white field. The flag ratio is usually 2:3.

White symbolises the creators of the flag, the foam of the sea and the pure, radiant sky of Vale, while the old Valois blue and green colours represent the sea and forest of Vale, respectively.