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Venator-class star destroyer
NCC Integrity 1.jpg
NCC Integrity
Class overview
Name: Venator-class star destroyer
Builders: Kuat Drive Systems
Orcus-Minerva Shipyards
Operators:  Eleutherian Federal Navy
Preceded by: Acclamator-class destroyer-class 4
Subclasses: XXXX class and
XXXX class
Planned: XXXX
Completed: XXXX
General characteristics
Length: 1,137 meters
Beam: 546 meters
Height: 268 meters
Installed power: Peak: 3,6 × 1024 W
Propulsion: Primary drive engines
(4 aft-mounted; 2 port, 2 starboard)
Secondary drive engines
(2 aft-mounted; 1 port, 1 starboard)
Tertiary drive engines
(2 aft-mounted; 1 port, 1 starboard)
Speed: 975 km/h (atmosphere)
Warp 5 (exoatmospheric)
Range: 60,000 light-years (effective)
Capacity: 20,000 tons
Troops: 2,000
Crew: 7,400
Armor: Equipped (roughly equivalent to
that of a Victory I-class Star Destroyer)