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Union Defense Agency
US-US seal-Union Defense Agency.svg
Agency overview
Formed July 12, 1717
Jurisdiction  United States
Headquarters Fœderal Capital Territory
Motto This We’ll Defend
Annual budget US$ 150 million (1717)
Minister responsible William “Bill” Adama, United States Commissioner for
Emergency and Military Affairs
Agency executive Dr. Allison Blake, Director
Key document Federal Council Joint Action 1717/551/CFSP

The Union Defense Agency (UDA; Castilian: Agencia de Defensa de la Unión, ADU; German: Union Verteidigungsagentur, UVA; Hawaiʻian: XXXX, XXXX) is an agency of the United States (USNA) based in the Fœderal Capital Territory. Set up on 12 July 1717, it is a Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) body reporting to the United States Federal Council. Its primary role is to foster intra-Union defense cooperation; and is the procurement organization for armaments of the United States and is affiliated with the United States Department of Emergency and Military Affairs.

The Union Defense Agency employs around 750 people. It is responsible for research, development, evaluation, procurement, maintenance and liquidation of materials and construction of the United States Armed Forces. The budget was US$  NUM in 1717. The Director of the Agency is Dr. Allison Blake.

The UDA group covers many skills as a provider with a broad field of activity. This ranges from the evaluation, procurement, maintenance and liquidation of materials and systems for the Comprehensive Real Estate Management to ensuring scientific and technical services. Main clients and partners is the Armed aforces.




The Union Defense Agency is divided into six areas of competence:

  • Federal Office for Command, Telematics and Training Systems
  • Federal Office for Weapons Systems, Vehicles and Equipment
  • Federal Office for Topography
  • Federal Office for Real Estate (responsible for 256 km² of land and 26,000 objects of the UDA)
  • Federal Office for Science and Technology
  • Federal Office for Central Services


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