Tiberium Wars

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Tiberium Wars
Battle of Paris
Valois troops in Paris, Germany during the Third Tiberium War
Date 24 May 1578 – 10 February 1674
Location Kobol
Result – Reorganization and subsequent Balkanization of the United States

Valois Revolution
– Creation of the United States of Kobol Organization

Northern Powers

Flag of Germany.svg German Federal Republic
Flag of Japan.svg Japan
KB-RU flag.svg Russian Federation

Vale First Valois Republic(1578–1592, 1607–1615, 1640–1662)


Flag of Batavia.png Batavia (1578–1592, 1607–1615)
Central Powers

Flag of Arabia.png Arabia
Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg People's Republic of China
Flag of India.svg India
Flag of the United Aegean Republic.svg United Aegean Republic


Flag of Numidia.png Numidia (1578–1588, 1607–1615, 1640–1664)
Flag of Egypt-pharaonic.svg Egypt
Neutral Powers

Vale Second Valois Republic(1662-1674)

Casualties and losses
750 million deaths and 1 billion injured

The Tiberium Wars were a series of three global wars in Kobol that began on 24 May 1578 and lasted until 10 February 1674, coinciding with the worst planet-based environmental disaster in the history of the Eleutherian Union. Considered the key events of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, this total war had reached a scale and intensity hitherto unknown. It involved more soldiers, caused more deaths and more physical destruction than any war in the history of Kobol. Over 375 million soldiers took part of it. During the wars, about 750 million people died and about 1 billion were injured. Other events that occurred during this period include the North Aegean War, the Valois Revolution, etc.

This series of wars has brought about striking geopolitical changes which have profoundly altered the course of Kobol. It caused the reorganization and later the fragmentation of the United States of North Aegea. Consequently, the political geography of Kobol was, for the most part, almost completely reimagined. Political systems were replaced or otherwise reverted to previous forms. For the first time, a planetary authority was established with the purpose of preventing a recurrence of another world war: the United States of Kobol Organization.


First Tiberium War (1578–1592)[edit]

Second Tiberium War (1607–1615)[edit]

Third Tiberium War (1640–1674)[edit]



Casualties and war crimes[edit]


Home fronts and production[edit]

Advances in technology and warfare[edit]