Senate of the Federation (Russia)

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Senate of the Federation
Сенат Федерации
422nd Federal Parliament
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Type Upper house
Term limits None
President TBD (?)
President pro Tempore TBD2 (?)
Membership 128 Senators
(2 per Province)

Political groups Non-partisan
     Federalist Alliance (38)
Term 6 years

Appt'd in and for each Province
by provincial Governor, by and
with the Advice and Consent of
provincial Senate

Last election TBD
Next election TBD
Meeting place
KB-RU capitol1.jpg
Senate Chamber
Federation House
Moscow, F.G.
Russian Democratic Federative Republic







Each of the sixty-four Provinces sends two Senators, chosen by the provincial Governor, by and with the Advice and Consent of the upper house of the provincial Legislature, to a Term of six Years, renewable once consecutively. There are 128 Senators; they are divided as evenly as may be into three Classes (about 42 or 43 seats per Class), so that the Seats of one Class are filled by the Provinces every two Years. The Times of appointing Senators is staggered intentionally so that the Federation Senate, as a body, may be more sober and less prone to whimsy as the more populist House of Delegates, which is elected all at once every two Years and is more prone to express the whimsy and passion of the People. The Federation Senate, while also an equal partner in the legislative process, was intended to be a "house of sober, second thought," intended to check and balance the populism, whimsy, emotional, and passion of the House of Delegates: While the Seats of the entire House of Delegates would be filled every two Years, functioning almost like a revolving door as to the issues of the day, the Federation Senate was to be a stabilizing force; and counter the populism and passionate whimsy of the House of Delegates with sobriety, continuity, and order.

There are no political parties or other such factions in the Senate. Rather, the Federation Senate operates according to provincial interests instead of partisan interests.


The plenary chamber of the Federation Senate is arranged according to the principles of a hemicycle. Seating is assigned and arranged according province; there are no organized political parties or factions in the Federation Senate. Instead, the Senate operates according to provincial interests rather than partisan interests.

As the Federation Senate is officially nonpartisan (and operates as such), seating in this body is arranged by Province, reckoned in alphabetical order according to their names in Russian, in a hemicycle.

Federation Senate in Russian government[edit]


Federation Senate in the Russian Federalist System[edit]