Senate (Vale)

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Senate of Vale
Le Sénat

Vale senate logo.png

Type Unicameral
Premiership Council of Ten
Speaker of the Senate David Boniface (NPA)
Members 200
Makeup of the senate
Political groups

     NPA (34)
     PSD (28)
     PG (24)
     PC (23)
     MoDem (22)
     PV (17)
     RS (16)
     AL (14)
     PRG (12)
     PR (10)

Voting system closed list proportional representation
Last election 12 March 2014
Meeting place
Senate of Vale
The Senate, Baie-Saint-Paul, Vale

The Senate (Valois: Sénat [seˈna]) is the unicameral parliament of the Republic of Vale. It has 200 members, who are elected to a term of four-years. The electoral system is closed list proportional representation. It meets in The Senate building in central Baie-Saint-Paul.

As the legislative branch of Vale, the Senate passes all laws, appoints the cabinet, and supervises the work of the government. As set out in the Vale Constitution, the Senate has half of its members elected by closed-list proportional representation, whereas the other half of its members are appointed by the Council of Ten.

Senate elections are held at a fixed date every four years, and cannot be dissolved during these four years. On a vote of no confidence, the Senate may force a single Minister or the entire government to resign.