Roman Empire

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Roman Empire
Imperium Romanum
Senatus populusque Romanus
The Senate and People of Rome
20px 364 BC - 565 AD 20px
Vexilloid of the Roman Empire.png
Roman Empire map (117 AD).png
Map of the Roman Empire in 117 AD, at its largest extant under Emperor Trajan.
Capital Rome
Official language(s) Latin; Thrassian; various local and regional languages
Religion Pluralistic, subject to Imperial cult
Christianity (after 280)
Demonym Roman
Government Autocracy
– Emperor Augustus (364–305 BC)
Justinian I (527-565 AD)
Legislature Senate
Historical era Antiquity
– Established
– Dissolution
364 BC
565 AD
– 305 BC
– 400 AD
– 565 AD

~1,800,000 km²
~9,500,000 km²
~5,500,000 km²
– 400 AD

Currency Sestertius