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USNA | United States of North Aegea
Flag of the United States.svg
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Great Seal of the United States-snow-colored version.svg
Flag of Arizona.svg
US-CA flag.svg
US-CO flag.svg
US-HI flag.svg
US-ID flag.svg
US-KS flag.svg
US-MT flag.svg
US-NE flag.svg
US-NV flag.svg
US-NM flag.svg
US-ND flag.svg
US-OK flag.svg
US-OR flag.svg
US-SD flag.svg
US-TX flag.svg
US-UT flag.svg
US-WA flag.svg
US-WY flag.svg
State of Arizona
Arizona is a country in Southwest North Aegea, bordered to the north by Utah, to the east by State of New Mexico, to the south by Sonora and Baja California Norte, and to the west by California and Nevada; and a common point with Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico at Four Corners. Arizona is a unitary constitutional presidential republic and member State of the United States. The capital and largest city is Phoenix.
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US-AZ tile-Flagstaff.png
Flagstaff, Arizona
Flagstaff is a city located in northern Arizona, in the southwestern United States. In 1715, the city’s estimated population was 70,320. The combined metropolitan area of Flagstaff has an estimated population of 139,097. It is the county seat of Coconino County. The city is named after a ponderosa pine flagpole made by a scouting party from Boston (known as the “Second Boston Party”) to celebrate the United States’ Centennial on July 4, 1576.
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US-US seal-Office of Governor-General.svg
US-US seal-Department of State and Foreign Affairs.svg
US-US seal-Department of the Attorney-General.svg
US-US seal-Department of Public Safety-color.svg
US-US seal-Department of Emergency and Military Affairs.svg
US-US seal-Department of the Treasury.svg
US-US seal-Department of the Interior-WhiteBkgnd.svg
US-US seal-Department of Administration.svg
US-US seal-Department of the Post Office.svg
United States Congress
US-US seal-United States Senate-WhiteBkgnd.svg
US-US seal-United States House of Representatives-WhiteBkgnd.svg
US-US emblem-Judicial Committee of the Fœderal Council.svg
US-US seal-Federal Court-color.svg
United States Court of Appeal

  States and Territories of the Union

US-US map-States & Territories.svg

States of the Union

State of Arizona · State of California · State of Colorado · State of Hawaiʻi · State of Idaho · State of Kansas
State of Montana · State of Nebraska · State of Nevada · State of New Mexico · State of North Dakota · State of Oklahoma
State of Oregon · State of South Dakota · State of Texas · State of Utah · State of Washington · State of Wyoming

Territories of the Union

Alabama Territory · Arkansas Territory · Connecticut · Delaware · Florida Territory · Georgia Territory · Illinois Territory · Indiana Territory · Iowa Territory · Kentucky Territory
Louisiana Territory · Maine Territory · Maryland · Massachusetts · Michigan Territory · Minnesota Territory · Mississippi Territory · Missouri Territory · New Hampshire · New Jersey
New York · North Carolina · Ohio Territory · Pennsylvania · Rhode Island · South Carolina · Tennessee Territory · Vermont Territory · Virginia · Wisconsin Territory

Districts of the Union

District of Columbia · Fœderal Capital Territory

  Union News

Economics (Civ5).png
Treaty on Internal Trade signed
Fœderal Capital Territory 12/15/1716
  Fœderal Capital Territory - The Governors of the eighteen States and the Governor-General, meeting as the Executive Committee of the Federal Council, have agreed on the final text of the Agreement on Internal Trade, which, if ratified by the nineteen State and Federal Legislatures, will have the effect of creating a common market throughout the entire United States.
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Mobile tactics (Civ5).png
Luke AGB receives more F/A-35 jets
Glendale, Arizona 12/16/1716
  Arizona - Luke Air Guard Base has received twenty new F/A-35 Lightning II stealth fighter jets from the Union Defense Agency, the bureau responsible for military hardware aquisition deliveries for both the Federal and State governments. Currently, the State of Arizona is set to receive thirty-five more Lightning II fighter jets, which are intended to replace the older blocks of F/A-16 Viper jets currently in the inventory of the Arizona Air Guard.
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United Nations (Civ5).png
US rebuke United Nations
Fœderal Capital Territory 12/16/1716
  Fœderal Capital Territory - Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aenean commodo ligula eget dolor. Aenean massa. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus.
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US-AZ icon-Arizona State Flag.svg
AZ legislator expelled amid scandal
Phoenix, Arizona 2/1/1718
  Arizona - Representative Don Shooter (R-Yuma) is facing expulsion from the Arizona State Legislature on Thursday as lawmakers have reached the number of votes needed to remove him amid sexual harassment allegations.
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  Union Calendar

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  Union Weather

Metro-Weather Rain.svg

Flag of Arizona.svg Arizona

Metro-Weather MostlySunny.svg

Fœderal Capital Territory
Flag of the Fœderal Capital Territory.svg Fœderal Capital Territory

Metro-Weather SevereT-Storm.svg

US-TX flag.svg Texas

Metro-Weather PartlyCloudy.svg

US-WA flag.svg Washington
Partly cloudy

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  Current Legislative Activity (Federal)

Short title Description
... ... ...

United States of North Aegea

Flag of the United States.svg

–  States 18
–  Territories 30
Seats of power
–  Federal Council Federal Hall
1200 E Confederation Street
Flag of the Fœderal Capital Territory.svg Fœderal Capital Territory
–  Congress United States Capitol
1800 West Capitol St
Flag of the Fœderal Capital Territory.svg Fœderal Capital Territory
–  Executive White House
2800 West Texas Street
Flag of the Fœderal Capital Territory.svg Fœderal Capital Territory
–  Judiciary United States Courthouse
100 North 17th Avenue
Flag of the Fœderal Capital Territory.svg Fœderal Capital Territory
–  Governor-General Flag of the United States.svg Tom Kirkman
–  President of
the Senate
US-TX flag.svg Kimble Hookstraten
–  Speaker of
the House
Flag of Arizona.svg Paul Gosar
–  Chief Justice Flag of the United States.svg Andrew Napolitano
Union Departments
–  Governor-General Flag of the United States.svg Tom Kirkman
–  State and
Foreign Affairs
US-CA flag.svg Elizabeth McChord
–  Attorney-General US-TX flag.svg Ted Cruz
–  Public Safety US-WY flag.svg Michelle Dessler
–  Military and
Naval Affairs
US-WA flag.svg James N. Mattis
–  Treasury Flag of Arizona.svg Doug Ducey
–  Interior Flag of Massachusetts.svg John F. Kelly
–  Administration US-NM flag.svg Dan Tangherlini
–  Post Office US-SD flag.svg Meagan Brennan
Union Authorities
–  FAA Flag of the United States.svg AABB
–  FASA Flag of the United States.svg AABB
–  FCA Flag of the United States.svg AABB
–  ERDA Flag of the United States.svg AABB
–  FDA Flag of the United States.svg AABB
–  FMA Flag of the United States.svg AABB
–  NRA Flag of the United States.svg AABB
–  FOAA Flag of the United States.svg AABB
–  FTIA Flag of the United States.svg AABB
–  FBC Flag of the United States.svg AABB
–  USFB Flag of the United States.svg AABB
–  OIG Flag of the United States.svg AABB
General Information
Independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain
–  Declared July 4, 1476
–  1st Confederation
(First constitution)
March 1, 1481
–  Recognized September 3, 1483
–  Constitution
(Second constitution)
September 17, 1489
2nd Confederation
(Third constitution)
January 1, 1720
–  Motto E pluribus unum
–  Anthem Hail, Columbia
–  Working English
–  by Membership English
–  1721 estimate 281,421,906
–  1710 Census 308,745,538
–  Density 34.71 / km²
(89.9 / mi²)
–  All-Union 8,115,661 km²
(3,133,474 mi²)
–  States only 4,801,329 km²
(1,853,803 mi²)
–  Water (%) 5.13
GDP 1721 estimate
–  Total ...
–  Per capita ...
Gini NUM (1721 est.)
HDI 0.952 (1721 est.)
Budget FY1721
–  Federal US$300B
–  State (combined) ...
–  Total ...
–  Members Flag of Arizona.svg US-CA flag.svg US-CO flag.svg US-HI flag.svg US-ID flag.svg US-KS flag.svg
US-MT flag.svg US-NE flag.svg US-NV flag.svg US-NM flag.svg US-ND flag.svg US-OK flag.svg
US-OR flag.svg US-SD flag.svg US-TX flag.svg US-UT flag.svg US-WA flag.svg US-WY flag.svg
Flag of Alabama.svg Flag of Arkansas.svg Flag of Connecticut.svg Flag of Delaware.svg Flag of Florida.svg Flag of Georgia Territory.svg
Flag of Illinois.svg Flag of Indiana.svg Flag of Iowa.svg Flag of Kentucky.svg Flag of Louisiana.svg Flag of Maine.svg 
Flag of Maryland.svg Flag of Massachusetts.svg Flag of Michigan.svg Flag of Minnesota.svg Flag of Mississippi.svg Flag of Missouri.svg
Flag of New Hampshire.svg Flag of New Jersey.svg Flag of New York.svg Flag of North Carolina.svg Flag of Ohio.svg Flag of Pennsylvania.svg 
Flag of Rhode Island.svg Flag of South Carolina.svg Flag of Tennessee.svg Flag of Vermont.svg Flag of Virginia.svg Flag of Wisconsin.svg 
Flag of the District of Columbia.svg Flag of the Fœderal Capital Territory.svg Flag of the United States.svg
–  Currency United States credit
(USC) ($)
–  Inflation NUM%
–  Interest rate NUM%
–  Exchange rate 1 XAU = 1,247.72 USC

  The States united and their Territories

  Jurisdiction 3AC Sovereignty
Flag of Arizona.svg Arizona ARZ State
US-CA flag.svg California CAL State
US-CO flag.svg Colorado COL State
US-HI flag.svg Hawaiʻi HWI State
US-ID flag.svg Idaho IDA State
US-KS flag.svg Kansas KAS State
US-MT flag.svg Montana MNT State
US-NE flag.svg Nebraska NEB State
US-NV flag.svg Nevada NEV State
US-NM flag.svg New Mexico NMX State
US-ND flag.svg North Dakota NDK State
US-OK flag.svg Oklahoma OKL State
US-OR flag.svg Oregon ORE State
US-SD flag.svg South Dakota SDK State
US-TX flag.svg Texas TEX State
US-UT flag.svg Utah UTA State
US-WA flag.svg Washington WAS State
US-WY flag.svg Wyoming WYO State
Flag of Alabama.svg Alabama ALA Territory
Flag of Arkansas.svg Arkansas ARK Territory
Flag of Connecticut.svg Connecticut CNT Territory
Flag of Delaware.svg Delaware DEL Territory
Flag of Florida.svg Florida FLO Territory
Flag of Georgia Territory.svg Georgia GGA Territory
Flag of Illinois.svg Illinois ILL Territory
Flag of Indiana.svg Indiana INI Territory
Flag of Iowa.svg Iowa IWA Territory
Flag of Kentucky.svg Kentucky KTY Territory
Flag of Louisiana.svg Louisiana LSA Territory
Flag of Maine.svg Maine MAE Territory
Flag of Maryland.svg Maryland MYD Territory
Flag of Massachusetts.svg Massachusetts MAS Territory
Flag of Michigan.svg Michigan MIC Territory
Flag of Minnesota.svg Minnesota MNN Territory
Flag of Mississippi.svg Mississippi MIS Territory
Flag of Missouri.svg Missouri MSO Territory
Flag of New Hampshire.svg New Hampshire NHA Territory
Flag of New Jersey.svg New Jersey NJY Territory
Flag of New York.svg New York NYK Territory
Flag of North Carolina.svg North Carolina NCA Territory
Flag of Ohio.svg Ohio OHO Territory
Flag of Pennsylvania.svg Pennsylvania PAA Territory
Flag of Rhode Island.svg Rhode Island RHI Territory
Flag of South Carolina.svg South Carolina SCA Territory
Flag of Tennessee.svg Tennessee TEN Territory
Flag of Vermont.svg Vermont VMT Territory
Flag of Virginia.svg Virginia VGA Territory
Flag of Wisconsin.svg Wisconsin WIS Territory
Flag of the Fœderal Capital Territory.svg Fœderal Capital Territory FCT Federal District
Flag of the District of Columbia.svg District of Columbia DCL Federal District

  Federal Statistics Office

Statue of Liberty (Civ5).png

Opera house (Civ5).png
States and territories by culture
Art :: Music :: Drama
Symbols (Flag - Anthem - Seal - Emblems)
Languages (Official - Recognized - Regional)
Mottos - Demonyms
Globalization (Civ5).png
States and territories by sociology
Population :: Civilization :: Society
Members: (Population - Area - Formation)
Cities: (Capital - Largest - Metro - Proper)
HDI: (Literacy - Education - Life Expectancy)
Courthouse (Civ5).png
States and territories by political science
Politics :: Laws :: Leaders
Legislature: (Council - Assembly)
Executive: (Head - Cabinet - Civil Service)
Judicial: (Supreme - Appellate - Superior)
Political Parties (List)
Power structure
Dillon’s Rule (Home Rule - State Rule)
Legal System (Common Law - Civil Law)
Police Agencies - Security Agencies
Guns: (Number - Death - Crime - Laws)
Rights: (Civil - Human - GLBT - Minority)
Heads of State - Heads of Government
Union Representatives
Currency (Civ5).png
States and territories by economics
Financial :: Currency :: Resources
Central Banks: (Federal - State) - U.S. credit
GDP: (per capita)
GDP Sector Composition
Public school (Civ5).png
States and territories by infrastructure
Structures :: Projects :: Wonders
Health: (Hospitals - Research)
Education: (Schools - Universities)
Transport: (Surface - Rail - Air - Water - Mass)
Buildings and sites
Civic: (Legislative - Executive - Courthouses)
Government buildings
Landmarks - Monuments - Wonders
Mobile tactics (Civ5).png
States and territories by military
Forces :: Hardware :: Doctrine
Forces: (Army - Navy - Air Force - Marines)
Weapons: (Conventional - Special)

Land Forces
Armor: (Tanks (Light - Medium - Heavy - Main) - Armored cars - APC - Landing - Anti-armor vehicles - Cargo - Self-propelled guns - MRAP - Patrol - Specialist - Transport - Trucks)
Personnel: (Divisions - Ranks - Uniforms)
Naval Forces
Ships: (Aircraft carriers - Amphibious warfare - Auxilliaries - Battleships - Cruisers - Destroyers - Escorts - Frigates - Hospital - Landing - Mining - Monitors - Patrol - Submarines (Attack - Missile) - Tenders - Torpedo boats - Transport)
Personnel: (Divisions - Ranks - Uniforms)
Air Forces
Aircraft: (Attack - Bomber - Fighter - Interceptor - Reconaissance - Trainer - Transport - UAV)
Personnel: (Divisions - Ranks - Uniforms)

  Union Defense

Annual Budget FY1721
– Flag of the United States Army.svg Army ...
– Flag of the United States Navy.svg Navy ...
– Flag of the United States Air Force.svg Air Force ...
– Flag of the United States Marine Corps.svg Marine Corps ...

  External Resources

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Great Seal of the United States-iron-colored version.svg

United States Capitol
1800 West Capitol Street
Fœderal Capital Teritory  ·  94118

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Senate : President
House : Speaker

Federal Court : Chief Justice
Court of Appeal : Chief Judge