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The Government of the Confederate States does not issue passports, except those for diplomatic purposes. In the Confederate States, ordinary passports are issued by each of the eleven confederate States. Sharing a common design, the passports of all eleven States use the same type and color of leather (federal grey) for the jacket of the passport booklet, use the same color (iridescent gold) for text, insignia, and design elements, and all of them make use of encrypted biometric RFID technology.


With a valid State-issued C.S. passport or other State-issued identity card (such as a driver license, non-operator photo ID, voter ID, or other State-issued photo identification that serves as proof of citizenship), confederate State citizens are entitled to exercise their right of free movement throughout the Confederate States, unimpeded. Even though the respective States retain complete competence over matters of immigration in regards to non-CS citizens –including visa policy– (however, no State can discriminate against citizens of the other States), all eleven States have chosen to pool their respective residual sovereignty on immigration matters and formalized that decision into the interstate Common Immigration Policy Treaty Organization ("CIPTO"). CIPTO harmonizes the basic tenets of the Confederate States' State-based immigration policy and lays the general framework and general rules under which each State establishes and runs its own immigration and visa regime.

Common design features[edit]

File:Virginia cs passport.jpg
C.S. States use a common passport design, blue-colored with the name of the State, its seal and the words "Confederate States" in Aegean. EPassport logo.svg

With the passage of the Confederate State (Confederate States) Constitution Implementation Act in YYYY, all eleven confederate States have harmonized the following aspects of the designs of their passports:

Overall format[edit]

  • Paper size B7 (ISO/IEC 7810 ID-3, 88 mm × 125 mm)
  • 32 pages (passports with more pages can be issued to frequent travellers)
  • Color of cover: federal grey


Information on the cover, in this order, in the language(s) of the issuing State:

  • Name of the issuing State (similar typeface as "CONFEDERATE STATES")
  • Great seal of the State
  • The word "PASSPORT"
  • The Biometric Passport symbol

First page[edit]

Information on the first page, in one or more of the languages of the Confederate States:

  • Name of the issuing State (similar typeface to that of "Confederate States")
  • The word "PASSPORT"
  • Serial number (may also be repeated on the other pages)

Identification page[edit]

Following page[edit]

Remaining pages[edit]


Passports of the various Confederate States
Alabama passport cover  
Arkansas passport cover  
Florida passport cover  
Halifax passport cover  
Kentucky passport cover  
Mississippi passport cover  
North Carolina passport cover  
Orleans passport cover  
South Carolina passport cover  
Tennessee passport cover  
Virginia passport cover  

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