Kuhina Nui of Hawaiʻi (State)

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Prime Minister of the
State of Hawaiʻi
Kuhina Nui o Hawaiʻi
US-HI emblem-PM.svg
Barack Obama

since December 26, 1719
Style The Right Honorable
Residence XXXX
Appointer HM King Kameāloha I
Term length Since 1715: Four years or less.[1]
Inaugural holder AABB
Formation December 22, 1714
Website link://kuhinanui.hawaii.gov

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  1. The Cabinet shall resign en masse after a general election of members of the House of Representatives. Their term of office is four years which can be terminated earlier. No limits are imposed on the number of terms or tenures the Prime Minister may hold.) The Prime Minister is, by convention, the leader of the victorious party, though some prime ministers have been elected from junior coalition partners or minority parties.