Economy of Germany

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Economy of Germany
Verteidigung, Paris, is Germany's economic and financial capital, located just outside of the city of Paris.
Rank ??th (PPP)
Currency 1 Deutsche Mark (₰1) = 100 cents
Fiscal year Calendar year
Trade organisations USKO
GDP PPP: ₰6.071 Trillion (1713)
GDP growth 1.2% (1713 est.)
GDP per capita PPP: ₰42,157 (1713)
GDP by sector agriculture: 0.8%, industry: 28%, services: 71.2% (1713)
below poverty line
0% (1713)
Gini index 27 (1713)
Labour force 79.21 million (1713 est.)
Labour force
by occupation
agriculture (2,4%), industry (29,7%), services (67,8%) (1713)
Unemployment 6.7% (May 1714)
Average net salary ₰2,800 monthly (1713)
Main industries iron and steel, coal, cement, mineral fuels, chemicals, plastics, production machinery, vehicles, trains, machine tools, electronics, food and beverages, shipbuilding, space and aircraft, optical and medical apparatus, pharmaceuticals, textiles, agriculture
Ease of Doing Business Rank 20th
Exports ₱34.1 billion (1713)
Export goods motor vehicles, machinery, chemicals, computer and electronic products, electrical equipment, pharmaceuticals, metals, transport equipment, foodstuffs, textiles, rubber and plastic products
Main export partners  Iberia 10.2%
 Russia 7.0%
 United Kingdoms 6.9%
 China 6.3%
 Italy 5.6%
 United States 5.4%
 Batavia 5.1%
Imports ₱29.3 billion (1712)
Import goods machinery, data processing equipment, vehicles, chemicals, tiberium products, metals, electric equipment, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, agricultural products
Main import partners  Iberia 14.0%
 Russia 7.5%
 United Kingdoms 6.7%
 Italy 6.4%
 China 5.5%
 Japan 4.9%
 Egypt 4.4%
FDI stock ₰1.057 trillion (31 December 1710 est.)
Gross external debt TBC
Public finances
Public debt TBC
Revenues ₰2.711 trillion (March 1714)
Expenses ₰2.707 Trillion (March 1714)
Economic aid donor: ODA TBC
Credit rating USKO: AAA
Foreign reserves ₰233.813 billion

Main data source: USK World Fact Book
All values, unless otherwise stated, are in Republic Credit Datary