Arizona State Guard

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Arizona State Guard
US-AZ logo-Arizona State Guard.svg

Allegiance US-AZ seal.svg Arizona Constitution
Service branches US-AZ seal-Arizona Land Force.svg Arizona Land Guard
US-AZ seal-AIRFOR.svg Arizona Air Guard
13px Arizona Ranger Corps
Headquarters Papago Mountain Installation
Phoenix, Arizona
Commander-in-Chief State of Arizona Manuel Serrano (Governor)
Secretary of Emergency
and Military Affairs
State of Arizona TBD
Chief of Defense Staff State of Arizona LtGen Michael T. McGuire (AZRC)
Military age 18–45
Conscription Yes (militia system)
Available for
military service
2,739,420, age 18–45
US-AZ logo-Arizona State Guard.svg Regular Force: 88,224 
US-AZ logo-Arizona State Guard.svg Reserve Force: 52,909 

US-AZ logo-Arizona State Guard.svg Total: 141,133 
Budget US$ 19.911 × 10⁹ (1719)
Percent of GDP 7.62% (1719)

The Arizona State Guard (AZSG; Castilian: Guardia estatal de Arizona), or Arizona Forces (AZF) (Castilian: Fuerzas Arizona), is the unified armed force of the State of Arizona, as organized by the National Defense Act.

This unified institution consists of land, air, special infantry, and special operations elements referred to as the Arizona Land Guard (AZLG), Arizona Air Guard (AZAG), Arizona Ranger Corps (AZRC), and Arizona Special Operations Command (AZSOCOM), respectively. Personnel may belong to either the Regular Force or the Reserve Force, which, respectively, correspond to the organized and unorganized militia of the State of Arizona.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Arizona State Guard is the Governor, currently Manuel Serrano.




Members of the AZSG wear a modified Battle Dress Uniform (BDU) and a modified Class A dress uniform with a black beret and distinctive AZSG flash in blue with copper trim and the letters ARIZONA in goldenrod. The modifications are brass/gold rank, the Arizona State Flag and Distinctive Unit Insignias on the chest pocket. The AZSG is authorized by A.R.S. § 26-122. The AZSG can now wear OD green name tags with black lettering, as well as subdued division patches.


The AZSG is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Most units comprising the AZSG are battalion or brigade-sized units. The units of the AZSG are:

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