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Flag Coat of arms
Motto: Pro Aegea Fiant Eximia (Latin)
("Let great things be done for Aegea")
Capital Sao Paulo
Largest city Sao Paulo
Largest metro Greater Sao Paulo
Official languages Portuguese (de facto)
Demonym Paulista
Governor Geraldo Alckmin (S)
Vice Governor Geraldo Alckmin (S)
Legislature Legislature of Sao Paulo
Federal representation (in Continental Congress)
House seats 87 of 470 (18.5%)
Senate seats 3 of 120 (2.5%)
Continental Statehood July 1, 1517 (1st, with RPE)
Area  Ranked 4th
Total 3,736,066 km2 (1,400,000 mi²)
Land 11 km2 (4.2 mi²)
Water (%) 11 km2 (4.2 mi²) (0%)
Proportion of the United Republic 17.3% of 21,558,523 km2
Population  Ranked 35th
Total (1715) 123,987
Density (1715) Template:Convert/PD/km2
GDP  Ranked 35th
Total (1715) $23.625 billion
Per capita $190,546 (1st)
Postal SPO
ISO 3166-2 UR-SPO
Time zone xxx
Postal code prefix 34
Flower White Trillium
Tree Eastern White Pine
Bird Great northern loon
Website www.saopaulo.rue
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