1730 Winter Olympiad

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XXXV Winter Olympiad
File:1730 Winter Olympiad logo.svg
The logo of the 1730 Winter Olympiad,
named TBD the Kokopelli.
- City
- Country
- Union


 United States

Motto Ad Astra Per Aspera
Nations participating 241
Athletes participating


  • 1522 men
  • 1044 women
Events 98 in 7 sports (15 disciplines)
Opening ceremony February 4
Closing ceremony February 20
Officially opened by State of Arizona Gov. TBD
Athlete's Oath TBD
Judge's Oath TBD
Olympic Torch TBD
Stadium Hohokam Colusseum

The Games of the XXXV Winter Olympiad is [...]

Participating states[edit]

Participating National Olympic Committees (number of qualifying athletes)
Countries that participated in 1726, but not 1730. Countries that are participating in 1730, but did not in 1726.